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Top Five Most-Streamed Pakistani Women Artists on Spotify Wrapped This Year


From ‘Pasoori’ famed Shae Gill to Momina Mustehsan and the ‘Global Mystic Sufi Ambassador’ Abida Parveen, women musicians have garnered immense love from listeners throughout 2022.

Karachi, December 01, 2022 – With the launch of Wrapped 2022, fans are learning more about the most streamed artists, tracks, playlists and genres over the year. The top five most streamed Pakistani women artists of 2022 have also been revealed by Spotify Wrapped. The Pasoori singer and EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for the month of December, Shae Gill, topped the list followed by Momina Mustehsan, Abida Parveen, Aima Baig and Naseebo Lal completing it.

Spotify through its unique offerings like EQUAL Pakistan has continued to commemorate female musicians in a manner that is fitting to their stature. Now in its tenth month, EQUAL Pakistan has honored Hadiqa Kiani, Nazia Hassan and Momina Mustehsan along with new voices like Arooj Aftab, Mehak Ali, Zoha Zuberi, Eva B, Natasha Noorani, and Shae Gill. Besides magnanimously showcasing EQUAL Pakistan Ambassadors each month on a digital billboard at Times Square, NYC, the campaign amplifies women’s voices to a massive global audience.

Wrapped Experience:

Starting today, eligible users can also access their personalized 2022 Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android) on the 2022 Wrapped hub.

To enjoy the Wrapped experience, head over to


Top Most Streamed Local Women Artists

  1. Shae Gill
  2. Momina Mustehsan
  3. Abida Parveen
  4. Aima Baig
  5. Naseebo Lal




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