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Shakirullah’s post-mortem report reveals the actual cause behind his death

KARACHI: The heart and brain of Shakirullah, a Pakistani prisoner who was stoned to death by other inmates in Jaipur Central...

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India’s late Pakistani prisoner laid to rest

SIALKOT: Shakirullah, a Pakistani prisoner who was stoned to death by other inmates in an Indian prison, was laid to...

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Pakistan’s Armed forces on high alert along LoC: ISPR

RAWALPINDI: Armed forces of Pakistan are on high alert along the Line of Control (LoC) and ready for any eventuality,...

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PM Imran Khan announces release of Indian pilot Abhinandan as a gesture of peace

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a joint parliamentary session in the wake of soaring tensions between India and...

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Indo-Pak war games continue

All warfare is based on deception. Put this in the context of India-Pakistan standoff and one is left wondering; deception...

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Indian markets slump post LoC invasion attempt by IAF

MUMBAI: Indian markets dived on Tuesday after the country’s military aircraft violated the Line of Control (LoC), escalating tensions between...

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Invasion attempt: Indian aircraft violate LoC, PAF responds as Indians ‘drop payload in haste’

ISLAMABAD: Indian military aircraft violated the Line of Control (LoC) as they “intruded” from the Muzafarabad sector and were forced...

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Imran Khan: “Indian PM Narendra Modi needs to give peace another chance”

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that Indian PM Narendra Modi should give peace another chance, adding that...

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Post Pulwama: India threatens to choke Pakistan’s water supply

In a pursuance of belligerence, India has threatened to block the water supply to Pakistan in light of the Pulwama attack,...

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Dear India, here are 7 enlightening reasons to end the ‘Pulwama’ blame game. Sincerely, Pakistan!

The ‘Pulwama attack’ was an unfortunate tragedy and an act of terrorism; one that should be investigated and the perpetrators held...