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Putin Phones Khan to Discuss Afghan Situation and Bilateral Ties


In a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the current situation in Afghanistan and the approach that could be adopted to strengthen bilateral relations between Russia and Pakistan. The two leaders also agreed on the need for an inclusive political settlement in the war-scarred country.

They discussed their strategies to fight the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking coming from Afghanistan and how they can establish peace in the war-stricken country. The two discussed the importance of stability in adjacent regions and the protection of Afghan rights.

The importance of the Troika Plus format was also discussed and along with the coordinated methods of addressing the current situation. PM Khan revised the trade relations as well as bilateral relations in the energy sector inclusive of the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline Project. They decided to collaborate in the SCO for peace and security promotion.

Moreover, Putin also called his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Will the two leaders’ efforts for peace in Afghanistan really come to fruition? Share your views

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