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SHC declares sugar inquiry report null and void


The Sindh High Court has declared the sugar inquiry commission and the inquiry report null and void.

The court has ordered the relevant departments, including the NAB, FIA, and FBR, to conduct fresh, independent investigations into the sugar scarcity and a hike in the commodity’s prices as per the law.

More than 20 sugar mills’ owners had challenged the formation and report of the sugar inquiry commission in the court.

A two-member bench comprising Justice KK Agha and Justice Umar Sial had reserved the decision upon the completion of the arguments.

Additional attorney general Kashif Paracha said that every Pakistani was affected by sugar scarcity and an increase in the commodity’s prices, adding that investigations were conducted to determine the causes of the shortage of sugar, not against sugar mills’ owners.

Mr Paracha said that there was no direct accusation against the mills’ owners, nor had they been stopped from work.

The lawyer of the sugar mills’ owners argued that the report said that more than Rs5 billion of the public had been looted in broad daylight, saying that the government did not fix its institutions following the sugar inquiry commission report.

The lawyer said that he had also briefed the cabinet about the commission’s 253-word report and had also asked it to take action.


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