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The Fact of the Matter: PM Khan Says Pakistan Lags behind in Science and Technology


At the inauguration of the ship lift and transfer system at the Karachi Shipyard, PM Imran Khan said that he is happy for Pakistan as it takes step towards advancement in science and technology but the country’s pace is not up to the mark. In his address, he also congratulated the shipyard authorities for launching the ship lift and transfer system.

Imran Khan inaugurated the ship lift and transfer after his day-long visit to the port city. He will also chair the meeting at Karachi Port Trust for the Rs1.1 trillion Karachi Transformation Plan. Addressing the inauguration ceremony, he expressed happiness for the technological tasks. He said that technology is not for use only but for making money as well.

He said he was happy that now we are able to service 12 ships and ship lift 74000 tonnes; the purpose is to save money using the technology. He added that the challenges are increasing because of the pressure on the current account due to the growing economic development.

He expressed pleasure and said, “So we will earn dollars from what you have done today and we will sell these services ahead. We have to do everything to promote our exports, encourage overseas.”

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