The Whitening of India against the darkening of China


The US has begun a desperate process of building military and economic alliances to counter China. The new AUKUS alliance has certainly ruffled a few of the NATO feathers, yet it is the Quad that truly defines the alliance meant to contain China.

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Let’s not mince words, the Quad is meant as the first line to hem in China, its military and economic growth within the APAC region. Japan, Australia and India are ready regional powers fit for the task.

We are led to believe that the Quad is a grouping of countries joined together with shared values. Values of democratic principles and pluralism; a beacon of humanism that will provide a stark contrast to China’s oppressive single party system. Let’s table for a minute at the irony that the US has chosen as its partners, countries responsible for serious historical and contemporary misdeeds.

In the north of China a historically expansionist power that still sears into Chinese consciousness the memories of the Rape of Nanking and other atrocities during World War II. A continent to the South which remains the embodiment of European imperialism that saw fit to conduct genocide against her indigenous population the Aborigines, while becoming a base for British Naval and imperial forces perfecting their efforts to drug an entire country (Chinese opium wars).  And finally, an imperial end-result of the British empire built on the bones of the Mughal dynasty, summarily enacted by the British Army when they beheaded the only two surviving sons of the last Mughal King in 1857. An act they conducted as a democratic country. The US has certainly found strange bedfellows as poster children for its latest crusade to spread egalitarian values.

It is however India that takes the cake, and lot of work has gone into attempting to soften the image of what is often referred to by objective viewers as not a country but a mob. India has for years begun the process of wiping its own history and that of nearly 200 million of its citizens through a calculated process of genocide.

From special terror laws that focus on her Muslim population, to changing of status in an internationally recognized disputed territory of Kashmir, to Citizenship Act laws (amendments) that de-register or exclude Muslims, to lynching of Muslims due simply for acts of meat consumption as well as deep seeded housing and job discriminations, to renaming of cities with Muslim sounding names, and to finally extinguishing the language of Urdu (a language spoken by many Indian Muslims) from in large measure its birthplace Aligarh (soon to be renamed Harigarh), the Indian expedition of Muslim genocide is active and robust. And who better to architect its execution than the ex-Chief Minister of the Gurjat pogroms and current occupant of the office of the Prime Minister of India.

The US and Europe remain India’s strongest enablers allowing for in the words of John Adams a “tyranny of the majority”. Geo-strategic and economic interests have trumped all semblance of human rights and values that the West preaches. Those sermons now ring hollow.


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