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Top 10 Pakistani News Websites for Latest Updates


In this age of information overload, there’s no shortage of Pakistani news websites covering a host of latest developments that occur both at home and around the globe. In the wake of the media revolution in the early 2000s, Pakistanis have been flooded with a plethora of news channels and websites that provide them with round-the-clock news updates and in-depth analyses.

Here are some major news Pakistani websites that keep you informed and updated all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RAVA News, a rapidly expanding news website that was established over six years ago, provides a wide variety of local and global news from Pakistan and other countries. The website includes news articles, opinion pieces, popular social media posts, exhaustive analyses of current political and economic events, and more. Veteran journalists, a skilled group of subeditors, and news and feature writers with experience working with some of the most prestigious newspapers and media outlets in the country are all employed by

ARY News

A reputable news website, ARY News provides news and updates every hour and a wide range of major insights on a variety of subjects, including politics, business and finance, money and the stock market, entertainment, fashion, and weather updates. The website is also full of exciting blogs and features that are contributed by accomplished writers and well-known journalists. ARY News is at the forefront of every breaking news story that occurs thanks to its extensive network of more than 500 strategically placed journalists throughout Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Dawn News

A massively viewed and read news website, DawnNews delivers latest news and information from across the globe and exclusive articles, reports, videos, analysis, features and blogs on a variety of categories. The website has dedicated sections for Pakistan News, World News, Sports News, Entertainment, Health, Science, Multimedia and Media Galleries. The website is also known for providing the readers with hourly updates and reliable breaking news sans any sensationalism. What sets the website apart is the quality and authenticity of the columns, articles, and editorials that are penned by some of the most respected writers and political commentators in the print media industry.

Geo News

In keeping with the channel’s breakneck popularity and its high journalistic standards, Geo News website has also made waves in the industry thanks to its credible news stories, incisive analyses by veteran journalists, and live updates. The website covers news items on a range of subjects, including politics, business and finance, money and the stock market, entertainment, fashion, and weather updates. In fact, the website is the number one choice of people looking for major news updates and breaking news. Truth and credibility are at the heart of the website’s core philosophy and it remains committed to providing authentic news and updates to the audience.

Daily Times

This is one of Pakistan’s major online news websites. The Daily Times is a newspaper that is published in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, and is owned by the late governor of Punjab and founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Salmaan Taseer. It is a liberal, secular daily that is well-known both in Pakistan and overseas for its editorials.

The Express Tribune

Affiliated with the New York Times, The Express Tribune has the privilege to be the country’s only internationally affiliated newspaper.  The newspaper is printed in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar, and has a popular blogs section where writers post blogs and articles on a wide variety of subjects related to politics, current affairs, sports and showbiz. The newspaper also has a well-laid-out, user-friendly website that encompasses a wide range of authentic news items, live updates, and reliable breaking news.

Aaj News

Aaj News is committed to providing reliable news coverage from Pakistan and around the world. The website features up-to-date news, information about the programming, wallpapers, and a gallery of photos of Pakistani celebrities. The website is known for its high journalistic standards and fair, unbiased reporting.

The Frontier Post

The Frontier Post, the only English-language newspaper published in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, was founded by Rehmat Shah Afridi in Peshawar in 1984. The Frontier Post’s Afghanistan page was added in 2000, and since then, Afghanistan has the greatest audience of that page. In order to reach Pakistanis living abroad, The Frontier Post’s managing editor, Jalil Afridi, launched The Frontier Post in 2015 from America as a weekly Pakistani English newspaper.

The Nation

This is one of the most popular English-language newspapers in the country. It is a part of the Nawaiwaqt Group, which also owns the Waqt News television channel and a large Urdu-language newspaper. Founded in 1940, the newspaper is older than the Dawn Group of Newspapers. The newspaper also has a news website known for its incisive editorials, live updates, and authentic news items.


INN News is a Pakistani internet news organization committed to provide the world with the most recent and accurate news in a timely manner. The audience at INN NEWS may expect objective, in-depth reporting that places equal emphasis on the global and national levels. INN NEWS aims to add to the record of new perspectives on how stories are told by using an original media exercise approach. The website provides the most up-to-date information on politics, current events, business, weather, showbiz, sports, and lifestyle. INN News provides the most accurate information through text, video, and image-based content.

The Bottom Line

Pakistan is a country with a fair share of news on political, social, and economic fronts. Not a day goes by when the media outlets, which have proliferated over the last two decades, do not come up with breaking news that keeps us all on the edge. Against this backdrop, the rise of new websites is a natural phenomenon and a crying need of the hour. It’s hoped that the country will see a glut of more news portals in the years to come, creating a competitive business environment and more employment avenues for the young media graduates.




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