US, Pakistan Work in Tandem to Prevent Economic Breakdown in Afghanistan


Pakistan’s US envoy, Asad Majeed Khan, thanked US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for sending his ambassador to the recent OIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting hosted by Pakistan. Khan also emphasized the close Pak-US engagement to prevent Afghan from economic collapse ensuring “direly needed assistance reaches the people of Afghanistan promptly.”

Secretary Blinken, who sent his envoy, Thomas West, to the conference remarked that it was a prime example of collective resolve and action to help those most in need. He added, “We thank Pakistan for hosting this vital meeting & inviting the global community to continue cooperating to support the Afghan people.”

Since the Taliban took over Kabul, Pakistan has worked tirelessly to help strengthen the Afghan economy after the dire need of a humanitarian crisis. The country has been urging other countries to do the same as the miseries of Afghan citizens don’t seem to end. This year, the USA also provided $474 million worth of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and didn’t want the Taliban to benefit from the assistance.

Do you think the move can strengthen Pak-US relations?

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