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5 Most Soulful Patriotic Songs


National songs have been a big part of our childhood. Every time we listen to them, they take us back to our school days when we used to prepare for the Independence Day event, clad in green and white, wearing Pakistan flag badges, and singing patriotic songs along. There is something about national songs that instill patriotism in everyone, one can feel it in the heart.

As 75th Independence Day is approaching, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall some of the most soulful patriotic songs.

1.      Ye Wattan Tumhara Hai

Mehdi Hassan and his contribution to Pakistani ghazals are magnificent. With the purity in his voice, he sang Ye Wattan Tumhara Hai that every Pakistani remembers by heart. Its soulful melody and heartwarming lyrics make it the top pick of the Independence Day playlist.

2.      Dil Dil Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan has always been the life of every Independence Day function. Vital Signs created this magic in 1987. The band has always had a way of connecting with the youth of all time. With powerful lyrics by Shoaib Mansoor, this song is nothing but a masterpiece.

3.      Aye Jawan

Fakhir and Haroon were iconic duo of Pakistani music. The two created Aye Jawan that to date is a part of every patriotic celebration. This song instills energy and makes you enjoy every beat of it with a love for your country.

4.      Sohni Dharti

Four decades later Sohni Dharti is loved the same way. Many renditions of this song have been made to pay tribute to the singer, Shahnaz Begum, but none can match the magnificence of the original version and its beautiful melodies.

5.      Jazba-e-Junoon

Whenever you listen to Jazba-e-Junoon, it brings in the much-needed energy and ‘jazba’ Pakistan needs now. Junoon created this one with a revolutionary style that stays close to the heart of every Pakistani.







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