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How to Celebrate Eid-ul-Azha Amid Pandemic


The global pandemic has impacted human lives, the economy, and jobs. The challenges COVID-19 brought have not come to an end.

On festivals like Eid-ul-Azha which multiplies the joy ten times when celebrated with many people, the pandemic has taken down the spirit. On Bari Eid, people are enthusiastic about visiting cattle farms, taking care of their animals, making preparations for animal slaughter, and cooking delicious meals. This adds colors to the festivities. However, the pandemic has seriously affected all our routine joyous activities.

But there has to be a way to bring back the zeal to this festival that has taken a hit by the pandemic. So, we have come to your rescue! We will tell you simple ways to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha during COVID-19 keeping yourself and your family safe.

1.      Socially Distant Small Gatherings

Instead of arranging big barbeques that turn to all-nighters. You can gather a small number of loved ones and have an intimate gathering. However, gatherings in any way are discouraged but if you gather people who are vaccinated and stay socially distant and sanitized, it reduces your chances of being affected and affecting others.

2.      Dress up

When you dress up, you automatically feel good about yourself. Take Bari Eid as a chance of dressing up to your best. Take pictures and have a good family time.

3.      Video call

Make the best use of video calls and get connected with your loved ones living abroad and here. Especially call those who are going through times. Tell them that they are not alone during their hard time.

4.      Prepare meals

Prepare your favorite recipes that you have been hoarding to try out on a special occasion. YouTube will greatly help you in this regard. You may also recreate your mom or grandmother’s traditional meat-oriented recipe. It’s okay to gain a few pounds on Bari Eid.

5.      Remember Palestinians

Amidst your celebrations, do not forget Palestinians who have been a victim of Israel’s ongoing oppression and torture. Say a little prayer for them and get connected with the animal slaughter organizations that send meat to Palestine. Remember that they are our Muslim brothers who have been facing unspeakable tragedy.


This Eid-ul-Azha will not be the same for many people out there. They may have lost their loved ones or going through a serious crisis. Remember them in your celebrations and remember that we are blessed that nothing has changed for us this year.

Arpatech wishes you a Happy Eid Mubarak! Stay safe, wear your mask, and maintain social distancing.

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