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Hum Style Awards Under fire for Bizarre Choice of Outfit


The 5th Hum Style Awards took place in Lahore that caught everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

As soon as the photos of the event went viral, netizens could not hold back and showered celebrities with serious criticism. The award show that is held every year to highlight the importance of personal style and to appreciate the stars with amazing fashion sense only brought disappointment this time.

The females had worn modern outfits that may not have been their cup of tea; certainly not the cup of tea of the Pakistani audience. The dressing of the female celebrities was criticized for being revealing, vulgar, skin-showing, and ill-fitted. But the main factor that lacked was the style.

The award show and dressing style became a laughing stock and #BanHumStyleAward started trending on the internet. The creative netizens used their sense of humor to make memes on celebrities who tried to imitate and promote western culture.

Many raised the concern “Is this Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” and the rest had a burning question “where is the style?”

Not only netizens some celebrities also dissed the award show and people who wore weird outfits. Celebrities such as Bilal Qureshi, Noor Bukhari, Faizan Sheikh, Iffat Omar Seemi Raheel, and Maheen Khan expressed their disappointment.


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