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Unknown Facts about Aymen Saleem


Aymen Saleem is one of the emerging talents the Pakistani entertainment industry has recently witnessed. The comic and light-hearted Ramadan sitcom, Chupke Chupke was the debut serial that earned her fame overnight. The sitcom was one of the most-watched Ramadan shows and became a household name.

Aymen has not given many interviews which is why her fans are not aware of the other aspects of her life and personality such as her family, educational background, and more. Let’s share a little sneak peek at Aymen’s life.

Here we have for you, unknown facts about everyone’s favorite Aymen Saleem.

1. Family of Aymen Saleem

Aymen Saleem is the daughter of the veteran sportsman, Saleem Yousuf. This came out as a surprise to many. If you find the uncanny resemblance between her and the legendary Nazia Hassan, it is because she is the niece of the late singer as her uncle was married to her. Also, Afreen Baig, the famous actor, and producer of the 90s is her maternal aunt. We say that’s a power-packed family of talented people.

2. Educational Background of Aymen Saleem

She has a great educational background. Aymen graduated from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She then went into the field of investment banking and policymaking.

3. Aymen Saleem’s Entry to Showbiz

Aymen started off as the policymaker. Then, she moved to Pakistan and tried out her hands on acting. Sultana Siddiqui convinced her to begin her career as an actor when she met her at a family wedding. This gave Aymen the idea to accept the offer of Chupke Chupke which gave her immense fame.

4. World Record Holder – Aymen Saleem

Not many people know that in 2010, Aymen with her girl gang decided to set a world record of managing to fit 19 girls into a smart car for 19 seconds. At that time, she was only 19 in her A’Levels but she was determined enough to give Pakistan a name in the world record series.

5. Social Work of Aymen Saleem

Alongside being a famous actor, Aymen Saleem has been very active in social work and community service projects since a young age. She founded the Make a Wish Foundation, Pakistan. She raised funds for flood victims for which she was honored with Lady Diana Award for Community Service.

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