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Bill Gates ‘dethroned’ as world’s richest man


According to Dailymail reports, Amancio Ortega, the founder of famous fashion brand Zara, has managed to dethrone Bill Gates with a personal fortune of $79.5 billion.

Ortega’s fortune has crossed Microsoft by $1.7 billion

Ortega’s fortune has ascended by $1.7 billion this week, crossing the Microsoft prime supporter’s $78.5 billion. Also, the billionaire has additionally outranked Amazon author Jeff Bezos in such manner. After an intense 25 for each penny ascend in his shares on Wednesday, the 80-year-old man made it to the top on Forbes.The Zara founder is known for selecting designs based on feedback from shop assistants who premise it on shoppers’ reactions. The tycoon is set to hand over the business to daughter Marta Ortega.

Ortega previously outranked Bill Gates when Microsoft’s shares went down

This is not the first time Ortega has outranked Gates in the richest man list. Previously in October, Ortega secured the top position when Microsoft’s shares went down. The fortunes of both billionaires will continue to fluctuate in line with share price variations.

Ortega, the son of a railway worker, managed to create clothing company Inditex from a small income that went on to become the world’s biggest clothing and accessories retailer.

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