Kapil Sharma Hit Sunil Grover With A Shoe


The new update in the Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight has left everyone shocked as no one can believe that their favourite comedian Kapil can do something like this. While the initial reports said that the host of The Kapil Sharma Show manhandled and abused Sunil, latest information is that Kapil actually hurled shoe at Sunil.

The news reports about the scuffle between both the comedians is getting murkier. A crew member of The Kapil Sharma Show on the condition of anonymity told the Timesofindia.com, Kapil had consumed an entire bottle of alcohol and he got furious when he got to know that the team was having food before him while he was still drinking. This made him angry and he started abusing everyone. When Sunil tried to control him and also requested to not use foul language as ladies were around, he lost his cool and hit Sunil with a shoe. Not only Sunil other team members including a female member of the team got hit by Kapil in the bargain. He didn’t stop here, he started abusing everyone in Punjabi. He even told them he is the only mard (Man) in the team and they dress up as women to earn money, hinting at Sunil and Ali. He also commented on how Sunil had left the show, but had to return after his show Mad In India flopped. When the Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon actor went out of control, the cabin crew had to intervene and warn him. However, Kapil continued with his rant.”

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