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PEMRA Issues Notice To Neo TV And Channel 92


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), makes sure to keep their watchful eyes on every activity Pakistani channels carry out. Thursday, PEMRA took into notice the airing of another incendiary content, by two renowned private TV channels. It was reported that the channels aired content that was filled with hatred for the Ahmediyya community in Pakistan.

The complaint was filed against Neo TV and Channel 92, by the President of Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan, alleging that the aforementioned TV channels aired content against the Ahmadiyya community, whose members have already been threatened, harassed and even besieged for their religious beliefs.

In a statement released by the media regulator, the complaints against the Neo TV and Channel 92 have been filed not only by the Ahmediyya community, but also other people who are of the belief that minorities should also have a chance to live their lives without any fear. The statement also read, “Complaints have been forwarded to the Pemra’s Council of Complaints, Lahore, for further action.”

According to the PEMRA laws, managements of both TV channels would be given opportunity to submit their stance with the authority within a given deadline. If the channels failed to present their stance, then the authority will be left with no other choice but to take strong action against them.


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