Top E-commerce Trends to look out for in 2019


Online shopping has effectively integrated itself into almost every facet of modern living with consumers being able to buy almost anything off the internet and have it delivered directly to them with a few clicks of a button. Regardless of the growing significance of e-commerce in modern economy, many qualified people from all walks of life are still unaware of the trends and rules that govern the contemporary world of retail.
E-commerce has penetrated more in some areas of the world than the rest (especially the developed world), but it appears increasingly apparent that even developing nations are taking up its power and accepting new rules to tame the growing digital marketplace. For people who don’t want to be unaware of the transformations in the e-commerce world, here are a few trends of e-commerce which are vital and how they will persist in driving the digital economy in every walk of life.

Continuous significance of mobile phones

Tablets and mobile phones have long been vital parts of daily life and business alike, but we can expect them to take on a transformed significance in 2019. The e-commerce businesses are becoming conscious that if they are not luring in mobile e-commerce they will have a problem making any profit at all. This is giving way to e-commerce web design into a pro-mobile direction. Incalculably trendy e-commerce companies like Cheetay, FoodPanda, Eat Mubarak, RoadRunner, etc are already making way to be more accessible on mobile devices by launching easy to use mobile apps. This is because they understand that contemporary entrepreneurs who are not able to cater to the smartphone generation are not likely to ever succeed.

Direct connections with consumers

One of the most palpable trends over the past few years has been that e-commerce companies are moving in the direction of reaching out to customers rather than relying on advertising campaigns or third parties. Producers, for instance, are realizing that they can omit the middleman totally and pitch products directly to customers. Some e-commerce companies have also established which solely focus on delivering products to their customers’ doorstep. One such example is which delivers food, healthcare, makeup, and books. Initially, Cheetay began its operations in Lahore and then Islamabad. Either way e-commerce companies are trying to have a direct connection with consumers whether it’s in terms of products or delivery service.

Social selling sites remain vital

As some have been concerned that digital disruption will put an end to the significance of social selling websites like Instagram, the e-commerce market will probably continue to discover such services imperative. The trendy social media website, which is owned by the even larger behemoth Facebook, has lately taken steps to introduce a new feature of “stories” which enables the brand influences to publicize even more items to their followers.

This is also pinpointing that personality will continue to be an important part of the e-commerce market throughout 2019. As far as influencers can market themselves as a basis for scooping up new items or services, e-commerce companies will carry on to find influencer-heavy platforms like Instagram are vital towards shaping the future of the industry.

The new industrial revolution

The most significant trend for e-commerce in 2019 is that it’s becoming the next industrial revolution, with e-commerce set on a constant path of innovation and growth. As careful research from the likes of McKinsey has made it prominent, developing parts of the world are latching onto e-commerce as a way of elevating themselves from poverty.
E-commerce may have had some time to set-up itself, but assuming that it’s settling down and becoming stagnant anytime soon is a faulty assumption. As the remaining 2019 unfolds, we will face even more e-commerce advancements that might disrupt current industry leaders while pushing new entrepreneurs to the forefront of the economy.

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