Putin threatens Ukraine if there are “provocations” during the World Cup


“I am confident that this type of provocation will not take place,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a television program in which he once again submits to citizens’ questions once a year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened Ukraine on Thursday if he tried to attack separatist positions in the east of the European country during the World Cup.

“I am confident that this type of provocation does not take place,” Putin said during the television program in which once a year he submits to questions from citizens. “If that happens, as I see it, it will have harsh consequences” for the whole country, he added.

The question, made in a program in which everything is calculated, was formulated by the writer Sajar Prilepin, who fights as a volunteer on the side of separatists organized by Russia. In the conflict, more than 10,000 people have died since 2015.

Officially, it rules a ceasefire that neither party complies and in May the artillery attacks intensified. The Soccer World Cup takes place in Russia from June 14 to July 15.

Denies Trump malice

Putin also denied the idea that his US counterpart Donald Trump has been pressuring European leaders to strengthen relations with Russia. The media pointed out that Trump could be doing it as a kind of reward for Moscow’s alleged attempts to get him elected in the presidential elections, a speculation that the Russian leader called “absolute nonsense.”

He also pointed out that the sanctions imposed by the Western powers on his country hurt both parties. And he said that tariffs on raw materials are like sanctions.

Western nations have imposed sanctions against Russia for their involvement in the Ukrainian crisis. For its part, Russia responded by also applying rates to US products.

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