4 living bees in a woman’s eye

4 living bees in a woman’s eye


A team of Taiwanese doctors found four small sweaty bees living inside a woman’s eye, the first time something like this happens on the island.

Dr. Hong Chi Ting, of the University Hospital of Fooyin, told that he was “in shock ” when he saw the insects, which measured four millimeters.

The patient, aged 28 and identified only as He, was discharged and is expected to recover completely.

He thinks the insects got in his eyes when he was pulling weeds from the graves of his relatives and he noticed something that he thought was dirt.

Sweat bees, also known as Halictidae, are attracted to sweat, so they sometimes land on people.

According to the Kansas Entomological Society, they also like to drink people’s tears, because of their high protein content.

bees in pollen
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Image caption The bees were still alive inside her eye

“They were all alive”

He was ripping weeds around the tombs of his relatives when insects flew in his left eye.

I was visiting the cemetery in the framework of the Chinese Qingming festival, which is celebrated by cleaning the graves of loved ones.

Noticing a gust of wind over his eyes, he assumed that some dirt had entered, he told reporters.

But hours later her eyes were still swollen and sore , which led her to seek medical help.

Dr. Hong Chi Ting explains that he could not close his eyes completely.

“I looked with a microscope and saw something black that looked like an insect leg,” he says.

“I grabbed the leg and very slowly I took out a bee, then I saw another, and another and another, the bees were intact and they were all alive .”

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Image caption Sweat bees, also known as Halictidae, are attracted to sweat

“It was lucky”

Dr. Hong explains that perhaps a gust of wind would propel the bees inside the eye and get trapped inside.

“These bees do not usually attack people, but they like to drink sweat, hence their name,” he said.

Dr. Hong adds that Mrs. He was lucky not to rub her eyes while the bees were inside.

“Fortunately he wears contact lenses so he did not rub his eyes for fear of breaking them, if he had, the bees could have produced poison and he would have gone blind.”

And what happened to the bees?

“They are still alive, we have sent them to another organization to be studied,” explains Dr. Hong.

“It’s the first time we see something like this in Taiwan.”

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