4 tips to get along with a co-worker that you can not stand

4 tips to get along with a co-worker that you can not stand


Do you also have someone you can not stand in your work?

Almost all of us have had someone we do not like in our work. Even someone we can not stand.

Yes, that person who can get you out of your boxes and that, no matter what you do or say, we will never see you with good eyes.

But the truth is that hating a partner, only makes the job more difficult. And it also consumes a lot of energy.

If that is your current situation with one of your colleagues, or if it has happened to you and you want to avoid it happening again, here are the advice of two experts that may help you to better take the situation.

Hopefully, even the workday may become more pleasant.

1. Face the problem

Alex Newton, an expert on labor relations at the consultancy ACAS ( Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), says that many times people who get along with each other avoid talking to each other directly.

This, he says, does not help us at all and, in addition, can make the environment even more rarefied.

Man and woman in office talking.
Copyright of the GETTY IMAGES imageImage caption It may not be easy, but sometimes the quickest (and most productive) solution is to sit down with that person and talk about their differences.


“There are people capable of developing mechanisms that help you tolerate the presence and coexistence with that person, but rarely makes the situation improve and in the end the years have passed and you continue to hate this partner.”

The solution happens, in many occasions, to throw a little courage , recommends Newton.

” An honest conversation with that partner that you do not like can solve the problem at a stroke and in the long term.”

2. Examine your attitude

The way we see ourselves is not necessarily the same way that others see us.

“While we think we are charming others may perceive us as very intimidating,” says personal development expert Jenny Bird for the BBC.

So before seeing the defects in others, Bird recommends, we have to think about what image we give to others and what we may be doing wrong to generate a feeling of rejection on their part.

Man in suit with arrogant attitude.
Copyright of the GETTY IMAGES imageImage caption Maybe we do not realize it and the image we project is that of an arrogant person, that’s why our colleagues can treat us differently.


“These misunderstandings lead us to the fact that in the end nobody understands the behavior of the other and none ends up benefiting from the different skills and experiences of the other person.”

3. Put on your skin

Although it costs, we must also try to have more empathy.

“Ask questions and seek to understand the other person’s point of view, then show them that you understand their position by summarizing what they have just told you, that is a very powerful tool to reach agreements,” says Newton.

It is not a matter, he assures, of always giving in, but of making him see the other person who has understood and valued his point of view .

Two women talking.
Copyright of the GETTY IMAGES imageImage caption Listen to what the other person has to say and let them see that you value their opinion, it will improve the relationship between them.


“Many times people try to convince others to adopt their arguments, but if you show that you listen and that you are willing to understand theirs, they will have a much more fruitful conversation.”

4. Be realistic and objective

Analyze the situation with a cool head and keep in mind important aspects that will make it easier for you to coexist with that person at work. Here is a battery of factors that you should keep in mind.

  • Probably, the mutual rejection is not personal .
  • The other person does not have to like you or have to be friends, they just have to learn to work together.
  • Try not to fall into prejudice and open the door to ideas other than yours and other ways of doing things.
  • Be yourself, keep an open and honest attitude.

“If you do all that, it will not only mitigate that feeling of rejection towards the other person, but it can also teach you to work better as a team and in the end you may even work with that person,” concludes Bird.

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