5 Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas

5 Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas


1) Do it Yourself

DIY saves a lot of money and gives an opportunity to show off your creativity. It’s crazy how much expensive it can get to hire a Pro and still not satisfied. Skip the pros and expensive stuff and do it yourself.

2) Use Paint


One pocket-friendly way to change your decor is to use paints. Painting your house by yourself saves a lot of money and give a fresh and clean look. A lot of people hire labors to do it though it’s a very easy job. You can do much more with the paint rather than rolling it onto the wall. You can make horizontal or vertical stripes and can create an amber effect. You can further trace the pattern you want to paint on cardboard and use it to make your walls prettier.

3) Change Fabric


Fabric creates a big impact on the overall room. If it’s a bedroom, the fabric of bedsheet, pillow covers and curtains can enhance the overall look of your room. Further one can change the chair cushions and can use beautiful rugs to make a room look amazing

4) Add wallpaper

Wallpapers come in different varieties which can not be created by DIY. You can put wallpaper on a single wall in the room to give your room a beautiful look. One can put it in relatively small places like headboard of the bed, cabinets, or well patterned Formica can be used on the furniture too.

5) Add Artwork

Rooms are incomplete without Art. No matter how beautiful and expensive you’ve created the room but it will still be unfinished. It’s costly to buy paintings so the alternate can be downloading pictures, printing and framing it. You can moreover cut pages of colorful calendars and magazine posters & pieces of patterned fabrics and make wall art out of it.

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