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foodpanda joins hands with AKRA to hold Covid-19 vaccination drive


Press Release

Karachi (August 8, 2021): Foodpanda and All Karachi Restaurants Association (AKRA) have set up a COVID-19 vaccination centre in Karachi to support the government’s goal to fully vaccinate the population by the end of August. The centre was inaugurated by Administrator Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park.

Foodpanda and AKRA aim to vaccinate 500+ people on a daily basis while enhancing the capacity later. The centre is initially catering to Foodpanda riders, restaurant staff and their families, and it will be open to the general public in the coming months.

Highlighting the efforts, Muntaqa Peracha, Commercial Director Foodpanda, said, “We have joined hands with AKRA in response to the COVID-19 emergency as we fully support this cause. This initiative is completely in line with our vision of promoting health and safety measures in society and in the industry in which we operate. We invite all our riders, restaurant staff members and their families to step forward and fulfil their national responsibility. We need to make sure that we keep our riders and restaurant staff healthy and safe as they directly interact with our customers, therefore, it’s vital that they follow all stringent safety protocols as advised by the Government of Pakistan.”

Faizan Rawat, General Secretary AKRA and CEO Pizza Point, shared his views on the initiative. “As an association representing all restaurants in the city, we care deeply for people and for the overall sector. We believe we have an essential role to play during the COVID-19 crisis and should do our best to mobilise relief efforts. I encourage all staff members, Foodpanda riders and employees, to get vaccinated as soon as possible and play their part in defeating the virus. If we all come together and play our role responsibly, then we can definitely save the industry from toppling in these testing times.”


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