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Greenstar provides free training to 75 maternal health providers in Larkana


Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM) has successfully completed another valuable, but free-of-cost, training programme in the city of Larkana, Sindh, where 75 healthcare providers belonging to the city and its surrounding rural region, were trained, to deliver ‘Maternal & Child-Health’ treatment services to the deserving population. An informative closing ceremony was held in Larkana, to conclude this training program and present the certificates to the participants.

This Maternal & Child Healthcare Training Programme has been specially formulated and conducted by qualified trainers, to encompass various important subjects, as part of the GSM’s initiative to empower the service-providers who are operating in the rural areas of Pakistan. The trained providers will now be able to practice, as per the latest medical guidelines.

Maternal and Child Healthcare Providers from all over Pakistan must continue to communicate and coordinate with each other, through different platforms, forums and media, to keep the community engaged, for understanding the challenges and opportunities in the maternal health sector. Learning the advanced techniques for Maternal and Child-care being practiced in the modern world, can help us in improving reproductive health in Pakistan. Women all over Pakistan need to be educated about family-planning, Home-care for safer pregnancies and healthier lifestyles.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Greenstar Social Marketing – Dr. Syed Azizur Rab stated that: The Government of Sindh under the leadership of Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho has taken numerous steps to improve the health of women and children. Dr. Talib Lashari has been very active in leading CIP cell and supporting reproductive health initiatives. Over the years, GSM has also been collaborating with the Government of Sindh to aid them in their mission to improve the health of women and children. GSM has also collaborated with UNFPA, Pakistan Medical Association and Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health, to organize numerous insightful workshops and scientific sessions, to host and train hundreds of practicing midwives, from all over the country. Learned speakers and practitioners from SAARC countries, Indonesia, Ireland, Turkey, Bahrain, Australia Thailand and UK also shared their experiences.”

Expanding its outreach and scope of activities, GSM has also organized many informative events, to raise awareness about; Domestic violence, Women empowerment, prevention of fistula, Kangaroo care for premature babies, innovation in pain management, obstetrical emergencies, community-based family-planning, cultural contradictions, mental health during pregnancy, population, etc. Green-Star Social Marketing Pakistan (Guarantee) Limited is also affiliated with PSI, Washington D.C. in the U.S.A.

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