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5 best colors for summer Eid2021


Eid is around the corner and the temperature is rising every day. We never want to compromise on our Eid dress preparation but when the steamy hot weather drains the zest out of you, you get confused about the right color selection.

Do not let hot weather bother you, keep your Eid game strong with the list of best summer colors you can don this Eid.

1.    Blue

The beautiful color of the sky is soothing to the eyes. It is a cool color that adds calmness and peace to your look. You can style this ravishing color however you like to fulfill your festive requirements this Eid and make it more serene in this hot weather.

2.    Gray

Gray is a balanced color. Instead of going for vibrant colors that make you feel hot and leave you in sweat. We suggest you go for a more neutral color like gray. You can pair your gray garments with any accessory of your choice. With a touch of elegance and to glam your look, gray is the best pick for summer Eid.

3.    Beige

The beige tone is so relaxing to wear and adds a big element of grace to your Eid look. Beige can be used to neutralize loud colors you may plan to wear. You never look “too much” when you choose beige for all kinds of outfits.

4.    White

When in doubt, wear white.

It is the only color that suits everyone. The purity and freshness white adds to your wardrobe are second to none. Whether it is a festive mood or casual look, white is everyone’s choice. Choose white this Eid and you can add more complementary colors if you want to or if you like to keep it simple, you can go with an all-white outfit that will make you appear beautiful and elegant.

5.    Lime yellow

If there is a color that beautifies your personality, it is lime yellow. This color seems fresh and cool. If you can’t decide which color you should wear this Eid, you must try lime yellow color and bring value to your summer Eid look.

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