This is the best decision you can make in life!

This is the best decision you can make in life!


Do they talk our brains without us noticing?

It seems so, according to studies on synchrony between the electrical impulses of different people brain made by Moran Cerf, professor of neuroscience and business at the University of Northwestern (United States) and a professor at the American Film Institute.

For more than a decade, Cerf has investigated how human beings make decisions. Not only from the behavioral point of view, but also using electroencephalograms that show areas of the brain that light up when people react to different stimuli.

And what he has discovered is that when people spend time together, their brain waves begin to look alike and, in some cases, they can become almost identical.

“By sharing with someone there is an alignment between the two brains,” says the neuroscientist.

Electric synchrony

For example, in one of their studies, people exposed to see certain movie trailers , generated similar patterns of activity in their brains, in a kind of “electrical synchrony” , which can be seen on a computer screen.


Woman with electroencephalogramImage caption Through electroencephalograms, scientists study electrical impulses.

“Two people who see the same movies, the same books, who share the same experiences and who also only talk to each other, after two weeks, begin to show common patterns at the level of language, emotions and even points of view.”

Therefore, according to the researcher, the best decision you can make in life, according to Cerf, is to choose correctly the people around you .

“People close to you have an impact on the way you relate to reality beyond what you can perceive or explain, and one of the effects is that you become similar,” explains the neuroscientist.

“If you choose a bad partner and spend 10 years with that person, the decision will have a significant impact on your life.”

How we make up stories

In his studies on how our choices affect the level of personal satisfaction we feel, Cerf distinguishes several levels.

Digital image of a brain
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Image caption The neuroscientist has studied the processes of “brain alignment”.

Among them, the decisions you make at a certain time, how you remember them in the long term and how you compare them with those of other people.

In that sense, the neuroscientist says that some people have a great ability to invent narratives or tell positive stories about the decisions they have made.

“There are people who have had very difficult experiences but they have that incredible ability to use their brains to rethink or reinterpret them, it’s another way of synthesizing a particular experience or the image of the world,” says Cerf.

The best tool

And how can the brain be trained for that?

Young people celebrating
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Image caption Some people have a natural ability to reinterpret experiences in a positive way.

“It’s hard to start reinterpreting reality in a way when you have not done it before that way, the most direct tool is to surround yourself with people who have that ability,” says Cerf.

“If you spend time with them you’ll start to feel more satisfied, you’ll end up seeing the world in a similar way,” he adds.

“It’s something that’s going to happen anyway, you do not have to do it consciously, that’s the advantage of the brain alignment .”

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