10 Reason to Start a Healthy Lifestyle by Your 30’s

10 Reason to Start a Healthy Lifestyle by Your 30’s


The age of 30 is the pinnacle of life for everyone experiencing it. This is the time when you may have family, career, and high personal goals. How you maintain your well-being and health in your 30’s will determine the quality of your future life. The rule of a healthy lifestyle is simple; de-stress yourself, eat healthily, have a habit of working out. It is just adapting to it is not enough but consistency is the key.

1.     Keep your weight in check

We understand at this age many things are not fitting in the way you want them to; including that designer T-shirt of yours. It is natural when you are aging that your metabolism will be low making it easy to gain weight. Make a promise to yourself to abide by healthy eating habits.

2.     Get your Sleep

Having enough sleep is a sure way of keeping many disorders in their place. The focus of quality sleep. It helps build strong focus and drives a sense of positivity. Sleep itself has been a natural medicine for mental disorders and surely drives away the stress.

3.     Apple isn’t enough

Consulting a doctor in your 30’s will surely help you identify what ticks you and potential health risks. Things like blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol rises at this age, and it is a time to realize that an apple cannot replace a doctor.

4.     Keep a Journal/voice recorder

Understandably, you have a busy routine and you do not get to see many people because of the commitments on your schedule. However, giving yourself time is important and much needed and will soon be an asset for you. One sure thing you can do is either jot down your ideas in a journal or keeps your awesome ideas recorded in a voice recorder so that you can keep them in order and get to work on them later.

5.     Healthy diet

It is reported that including the intake of food in your diet like vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and healthy fats can help you boost your mood. Meanwhile processed meats, beverages, and Trans fat are considered as a slow poison for the body.

6.     The social circle

Having a good relationship with close ones can sure add that dopamine that you need and boost your mood and spread positivity in your body. The feeling of connectivity is very important. To maintain your friendships and give them a call often. Plan a road trip. Good memories surely add much to life when you are aging.

7.     Smoking and alcohol intake

Smoking after a high intense workout does not make you healthier. Usually, the addiction can take turns on your mood and even affect your personal life and family life. Removing them is a challenge of its own and it takes time. Smoking and alcohol do not make you healthy but it will lead to you seeing heaven earlier.


8.     Taking time for spiritual renewal

Find a quiet place and ponder on the positives of your life. The blessed life you are living is a dream of many unprivileged. Make a goal to do something for the needy. It will automatically get you in a zone of positivity and a sense of being a “giver”. Always be content in what you have and see how the restlessness impulse will find its peace.


9.     Drink more water

Try to add more water intake by adding fun tricks to it. Make detox water or mix it up with your favorite flavor. Try adding 2-3 liters of water to your daily routine.

10.   Work-Life balance

A promotion would be in order. You are expecting a child or your kid may be starting preschool. It requires real effect to keep those things in line and it sure can get you worked up. Reflect on the time you spend on each thing that is involved in your life and try to find your inner peace.

Pledge yourself that you’ll commit to this regime or if you like to add something of your own. But remember to commit to it and be consistent for results. “The journey of a thousand steps begun with the first step”. Start from today and make your family commit because a family that eats healthy together stays healthy together.

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