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10 Tourist Destinations You Must Visit in Pakistan


Pakistan is home to diverse topographical regions. It has now become a popular tourist attraction for people, from all over the world. It has rivers and mountains for people looking for adventures, archeological areas for the people to explore the secrets buried, and beaches where people can enjoy some peaceful and leisure time. A lot of foreigners visit Pakistan places and get astounded by its beauty.

Where to travel in Pakistan?

Are you wondering where to travel in Pakistan? Though it is quite difficult to choose from so many options available, some of the “must visit” destinations are divided in two categories:

Natural Wonder in Pakistan

Pakistan isn’t any less beautiful than other tourist countries of the world.


People like trekkers and mountaineers immensely love Gilgit-Baltistan. It is famous for its mesmerizing and unforgettable valleys, among which Hunza Valley is famous. It is home to the amazing Attabad Lake, a turquoise-colored lake formed because of land sliding in 2010. The world’s renowned mountain peaks K2 and Nanga Parbat, and Shandur polo ground are also here. Naltar Ski Resort is one of the best places to visit in Gilgit and another beautiful place that attracts skiing enthusiasts from all over the world. Some trekkers are eager to experience the scenic beauty of Fairy Meadows by trekking up at higher altitudes.


It is the land of turquoise-watered lakes, snow-covered mountains, and friendly people. The city has the most wonder places in Pakistan. The places that attract thousands and millions of tourists throughout the year include Shangrila Resort, Kachhura Village, and sand dunes of Katpana Village.

Kalash Valleys

Rumbur, Bumburet, and Birir valleys are collectively known as Kalash Valleys. These valleys are in Chitral and are surrounded by the well-known mountain range of Hindu Kush. Such isolated and remote valleys have preserved the distinctiveness of their values, norms, and culture. People from far off places come to experience their annual festivals such as Chilam Joshi, Uchau, and Chawmos.

Swat Valley

Swat valley is also quite famous as Pakistan’s Mini Switzerland. It is the source of so many attractive sites, where the people from every corner of the world, are bound to come every year. Mahodand Valley, Ushu Forests, Bonir, Malam Jabba, Der, and Kalam Valley are some of the naturally pleasing areas.

Khunjerab Pass

It is the World’s highest border crossing point situated at the height of 15,397 feet, which connects Pakistan with China. The mesmerizing snow-covered mountains and vast spread fields surround the official gate at the border.


Gwadar is now coming into the limelight in the current affairs of Pakistan because of its growing importance and active role in the trade of the country. Besides the ports for trading, the city provides much more to its tourists such as beautiful and calm beaches with fascinating mountains surrounding them.


Top Places to Visit Pakistan

The most beautiful and captivating Pakistan places names are mentioned below


Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and the world’s second most beautiful capital, is a very romantic and peaceful city. It is full of greenery with wide and clean roads and parks, providing a perfectly serene and calm environment. It is rated among Pakistan’s best city.

People who love to explore cultural enriched sites can visit places like Saidpur Village, Lok Virsa, Pakistan Monument, and Faisal Masjid which are rated in the best places to visit in Islamabad.

Trekkers and hikers can have an adventurous experience by visiting different hiking trails located on Margalla Hills and can hit the top at Monal Restaurant. Other places like Damn-e-Koh and Shakarparian provide a magnificent view of the city and nearby areas.


The city of Lahore is the perfect destination where the tourists can explore the historical building, malls for shopping, and restaurants for amazing food.

Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Museum, Wagah Border, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Shalimar Gardens are some of the best places to visit in Lahore, recommended to the people who are curious about the art, history, and culture of Lahore. Food Street located on the MM Alam Road is the absolute perfect spot for the food lovers, where anyone can find a diverse traditional as well as western cuisine range.


We can say that Bahawalpur is the princely state of the province of Punjab. It possesses valuable historic monuments, buildings, and parks. The city is along the river of Sutlej and is the home to many green lush gardens and grandeur palaces. Noor Mahal and Abbasi Masjid are some of the places that never fail to impress their spectator

Clifton Beach

Beaches are undoubtedly the best places to visit in Karachi other than malls and eateries. Clifton beach is in Karachi and is the most famous silver sand beach. Tourists can enjoy many recreational and other activities at the beach such as horse/camel riding, restaurants, and buggy carts.

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