120 Latest Mehndi Designs for Girls in 2020

120 Latest Mehndi Designs for Girls in 2020


Girls love wearing mehndi. It is a part of our culture too. We ladies sure love flaunting the beautiful yet simple mehndi designs on Eid, weddings or other festivities. You will barely encounter any girl who doesn’t like henna. Be it bridal mehndi or your everyday easy mehndi designs, girls just look for an excuse! And why shouldn’t we? It makes our hands look more attractive and it smells amazing.

So, if a wedding is lined up or you are prepping for Eid and want to get the simple and easy mehndi design on your hands, you have to head to the right spot.

Mehndi is offered in various types of color choices such as black, red, stones, glitter, and much more.

Table of Content

1.    Hand Mehndi Designs
2.    Indian Mehndi Designs for Weddings
3.    Beautiful Mehndi Design for Kids
4.    Indian Mehndi Designs for Weddings
5.    New Mehndi Designs for Eid
6.    Pakistani Mehndi Designs
7.    Bridal Mehndi Designs
8.    Mehndi Designs for Feet
9.    Black Mehndi Designs
10.  Tattoo Mehndi Designs


Hand Mehndi Designs

Every girl wants her mehndi to be done neatly and beautifully; that’s why they are always looking for elegant yet simple mehndi designs. Mehndi has different variants. Some like Indian mehndi designs while others opt for Arabic mehndi designs. Some want their hands to be completely filled with design, while others just want a beautiful yet simple henna design. New mehndi designs are also coming up, and are also gaining traction among women and young girls.

Mehndi is every women’s desire. It is considered as the jewelry of a woman. Weddings and Eids are incomplete without getting henna done. All the women out there rush to salons on chand raat and wait in long queues just to get their hands printed with mehndi designs.

Indian Mehndi Designs for Weddings

Mehndi is an absolute necessity at any cheerful event or occasion which occurs more specifically in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. A whole day is dedicated to mehndi sessions at weddings, where bride and bridesmaids get their mehndi done. Indian mehndi is extremely popular where Asian people live. When perfectly applied with love and compassion, it is one of the tremendous bits of artwork. Here are our picks:


Beautiful Mehndi Design for Kids

Choosing the appealing new mehndi designs for kids provide a lovely appearance to their fingers and hand. A number of mehndi design for kids are very easy and simple that can be done as quickly as possible. The best thing about kids’ mehndi design is that you make it look great with any kind of mehndi patterns. No celebration or festivity is complete without the use of mehndi. Although mehndi designs for adults and kids are quite similar, kids turn out to be much cuter, smaller and tougher to decide on the design. The most amazing things in life are always linked with joy that is found in smaller and happier recollections, and application of mehndi is one of them.






Pakistani Mehndi Designs


New Mehndi Designs for Eid

For an event as highly anticipated and festive as Eid-ul-Fitr, preparations of all kinds are generally in full swing. Among all festivities leading up to the religious occasion is the application of different mehndi designs that both women and girls harbor a great interest in. The excitement of the occasion knows no bounds when the moon is sighted and girls and women dash to the beauty parlors to find new mehndi designs for Eid. And while Eid is incomplete without new clothes, dessert, and Eidi, the importance of mehndi and new mehndi designs can’t be ruled out either.














Indian Mehndi Designs for Weddings

Arabic mehndi is popular across Asia. Not only do Pakistani women love to make Arabic hand patterns, but Indians also love making these popular and minimalist patterns. Arabic mehndi designs are so popular and often adopt floral and flowy patterns. If you are an Arabic mehndi lover, you must check our collection of Arabic designs:




Pakistani Mehndi Designs

How can we skip Pakistani Mehndi while talking about mehndi designs? Pakistani girls love applying mehndi and they like to pick different designs for every occasion. Some times they like simple tippay wali mehndi while other times they want a fully stuffed mehndi till the length of wrist or ankles.




Bridal Mehndi Designs

We cannot skip bridal henna as a bride is nothing without henna. It is mandatory in countries like Pakistan and India to apply mehndi on hands and feet of brides and there are a lot of myths associated with it. Besides being mandatory, it adds to the beauty of a bride. Mehndi is considered as the identity of a newly-wed bride. Applying mehndi designs is a craft very popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. We have gathered the most beautiful mehndi designs for your wedding to make your wedding day even more special.







Mehndi Designs for Feet

Whether it is for the new bride-to-be or even the close buddies or loved ones of the actual bride,  the Mehndi designs foot improves the look of your feet.

Black Mehndi Designs

It’s clear that marriages today are about reveling specific choices—whether you want to avoid a traditional red lehenga for a light one, or instead of going the heavy route with mehndi, picking a light, discreet design instead. And black mehndi designs are something in vogue these days, with both kids and adults opting to go for them with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement. Black mehndi designs are particularly popular among the young brides-to-be who want to stand out in the crowd.






Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Tattoo design on any body part is a fad among both men and women these days. But for women, one of the most common body art placements is the ankle. It is an area that is well-suited to small tattoo mehndi designs, like a butterfly or a cute kitten, that look stylish and feminine. You can go for simple black ink, and waive shading or element, or pick something exciting and flamboyant—the choice is yours! Although getting inked in this area will be slightly uncomfortable, thanks to the absence of muscle and proximity to the bone, it will be worth it because the location allows for the flawless balance; the tattoo mehndi designs can be covered up or shown off whenever desired. In particular, it attracts fancy to one of the most sophisticated parts of the female form, making your ink refined, yet sexy.



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