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5 Things Found in Every Woman’s Handbag


There are certain items that girls want to carry with them all the time, whether they are out for dinner, a meeting, or shopping.

A woman’s handbag is a mystery and boys are usually very curious of finding out what girls have in their handbags.

They keep all the necessary items in their handbags; from makeup and medicines to sanitary napkins, they have it all! We have listed 5 essential items which you can find in every women’s handbag.


An earphone is a must-have item in every girl’s bag. Reason? Girls find it a big stress-buster they are returning home from a stressful day or working out.

Makeup Essentials

What is the use of a woman’s handbag without makeup essentials? All the girls carry makeup essentials in their handbags. A compact, lipstick and a mascara is a must. So, they can touch up their makeup anywhere, anytime and look pretty as ever.

Sanitary Pads

Girls always carry either tampons or pads inside the inner pocket of their handbag. They can be rescuers in case of emergency for yourself as well as for a stranger or friend who might need it.


Even when the girls do not have cold or flu, they still carry tissues in their handbags. It is useful for wiping hands, fixing makeup or wiping off the sweat in summers. So, in case you run out of tissues or you need it in any case, you can ask a girl for it anywhere you go.


It is a must for girls to put painkillers in their handbags. They use it when they have period cramps, headaches or stomach aches.

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