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5 Top Fashion Trends in Pakistan in 2020/21


We all spend most of our days indoors and 2020 is almost over. However, despite these tough times, Pakistan has maintained its sense of fashion and style. During Eid and ongoing wedding festivities (at a low scale), people are still showing off the latest trending fashion ideas. In this article, we will talk about some trends you may have seen in 2020 and will surely see again in 2021 as the new year comes closer.

1.      Printed Lawn Dresses for Women

There is already a frenzy for lawns in the market, but the lockdown scenario is holding most women back from shopping. Nonetheless, once the lockdown ends soon this month ending, there will likely be a chase to pick the best remaining lawns for the year. Some high-fy brands like Nishat, Sana Safina, Gul Ahmed, and others are in the market and will make the most of the sales in the coming days.

2.      Fringe Trousers, Bell Bottoms, and Cigarette Pants

The fringe trousers, bell bottoms, and cigarette pants have been out of fashion since the end of 2018, but this year, they are coming back. We have seen some celebrities making appearances in these chic styles and women in Pakistan are already preparing to make their grand appearance out in the streets once the government announces it safe to go out.

3.      Exquisite Chiffon by Maria B. and Others

Chiffon is always a favorite when winter comes. Women are already shopping for the best designs by Maria B. and other brands. You can find a huge collection on some of the famous eCommerce websites in Pakistan.

4.      Men’s Kurta and Shalwar in Cool and Bright Colors

Pakistani men look adorable in the traditional kurta and shalwar attire. Although not much will change in the styles, there will be some amazing embroidered Kurtis and shalwar worn by men. There will be fresh color schemes, some cool and plain, others colorful and bright.

5.      Traditional Colorful Short Frocks

Women have always worn colorful short frocks, but this time this fashion idea is trending. By 2021 we will see most of the young charming girls in Pakistan wearing this style. After all, it is a reason to celebrate when Covid is out of the country and lives normalize.


These are our top 5 fashion trends. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below so we can add them to the list.

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