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Aik Hee Din Main Pakistan Do Legendary Fankar Say Mehroom


Pakistani serials have a massive following all over the world.

The fans love celebrities as their own. They get excited about their favorite stars’ achievements or when they share happy news from their personal lives. Similarly, when the audience learns about their artists’ demise, they pay their condolences and make prayers for them.

Today, the Pakistani Entertainment Industry lost its two gems: the screenwriter Asma Nabeel and the veteran actor, Muhammad Anwar Iqbal. The news of their demise left people in shock.

These are the two names that have made an impact with their extraordinary talent that people will always remember. Asma was lauded for her commendable screenwriting for her serials like Khaani, Surkh Chandni, and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, all of them gained immense popularity and were the talk of the town.

Asma Nabeel

The news of Asma’s death was announced to the world from her social media account by a family member declaring that she had lost the battle of breast cancer.


























Asma had always written strong characters about the topics that are considered taboo in Pakistan. In Surkh Chandi, she highlighted the struggles of an acid attack warrior and in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai she emphasized how intersex children are treated and what their parents have to face in this society.

The writer was known for raising awareness about breast cancer. She was starred in a video campaign of the famous designer, Ali Xeeshan which was based on breast cancer and titled “Pardeh Mein Parwah”.






















































Many artists wrote condolence posts and admitted that Asma had a huge impact on screenwriting.






























































Anwar Iqbal

The actor, Anwar Iqbal passed away in his 70s. He was severely ill for a long time. Recently, news circulated about his illness with a request to pray for his health. The cause of death is not known. The news of his demise left his fans heartbroken.

The actor had been a part of the industry since the 1970s and received fame from the hit drama series Shama, Pul Siraat, Hina Ki Khushboo, and Akhri Chataan. He acted in many Urdu and Sindhi dramas.

Recently, he lost his wife. The couple had four daughters.

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