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When your career depends on how stunning you appear on the screen and how perfect your hair care routine is, you would do everything to take care of them and maintain a perfect look.

In the same way, Pakistani actors have to make every possible effort not to let their hair health succumb to the heat of blow dries, curling irons, and other external chemical treatments.

So, we have a list of five amazing hair care tips by your beloved Pakistani celebrities that are tried and tested and have definitely shown tremendous results. You can try them at home and keep your hair healthy without using costly hair care products.

5 Best Hair Care by Pakistani Celebrities

1.      Nadia Khan’s DIY Hair Mask

Nadia Khan is BACK in the limelight after 17 Years!

The veteran TV show host Nadia Khan revealed the details of her DIY mask which has helped her regain hair strength even after back-to-back blow-dry sessions.

She makes a mask of banana, extra virgin coconut oil, lemon, and honey and applies it to her hair properly. The host claimed to have witnessed her hair turning shiny and luscious post-application.

2.      Noor Bukhari’s Hair Oil

Noor Bukhari | Red dress, Turquoise, Turquoise necklace

Noor Bukhari is known for shiny and long hair. Lucky for you, she has spilled the beans on the source that helps her maintain the health of her hair: her homemade hair oil.

In her YouTube channel, she explained that she uses an oil mix of coconut oil, organic oil, olive oil, amla oil, almond oil, and castor oil.

Additional tip: Noor Bukhari gets her hair trimmed regularly to get rid of dead ends.

3.      Kinza Hashmi’s Hair Care Tips

Kinza Hashmi says, 'Think about positives in your world' |

In an interview, Kinza Hashmi unveiled that the hair care product she uses is Jamba Oil also known as Taramira oil.

She explained that she had suffered a hair fall for which she started using the oil at least once a week and she loved the results.

4.      Sarah Khan’s Haircare Secrets

Beautiful Sarah Khan on the Set of her Upcoming Drama | Pakistani Drama Celebrities

We all know Sarah Khan for her amazing acting skills and some drool over her long and shiny hair as well.

In an interview, she mentioned that she uses the shampoo right for her hair texture; that’s why even after various forms of styling they have the shine intact. Moreover, she said that she trims her hair regularly.

5.      Amar Khan’s Mustard Oil

Amar Khan: Positivity inspires me - EasternEye

Amar Khan said that she loves the results of mustard oil; its regular use has resulted in her hair grow thick and long.


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