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Best Toddler Apps to Use during Lockdown


Schools across the world have closed since the onset of COVID-19. Parents and caretakers who are also working from home have unexpectedly got the additional responsibility to teach their children at home. Making learning easy and entertaining has been a challenge for some parents. Therefore, we are here with the best apps for toddlers in lockdown:

1. Bedtime Math

This app makes solving math fun and is ideal as a bedtime story. Parents can use the electric eels and things like rollercoasters to help their kids solve tricky math problems in a fun way.

2. CBeebies Apps

CBeebies are one of the most-loved characters in the toddlers’ world nowadays. It has clever content based on educational interactive activities to help your child expand their creativity, comprehension, and reading capacity.

3. Cosmic Kids

Teach your kid ABC using this kid-friendly app. It helps them focus and stay calm while learning ABC. It has everything from fluffy dogs to the “Frozen” cartoon themes.

4. Squeebles Spelling Test

This is a paid app, but wonderful for learning. You can customize the spelling test. Children have to rescue the little Squeeble from the spelling snake. Once they achieve it, they earn stars for motivation. It is a win-win game and so much fun.

So, head to Google Playstore, download these games and start making learning fun for your toddler during the lockdown period.


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