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Can you get the coronavirus twice?


Yes, you can.

A 33-year-old man in Hong Kong contracted the new coronavirus a second time just four and a half months after recovering from his first infection.

The case suggests anyone who got the coronavirus once is likely to catch it again. Nevertheless, in the case of the Korean man, experts suggest his immune system appears to have protected him from serious symptoms.

Though unreliable reports about possible reinfection have lately been circulating, this is the first documented case of reinfection with COVID-19.


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Experts at the University of Hong Kong ascertained that the virus behind the man’s first infection was a different variant from what caused the second infection.

The case indicates that reinfection can happen a few months after recuperating from a preliminary spell of COVID-19.

However, health experts concur that much more research is required to determine how common reinfections could be.

Primary evidence suggests people do have some protection after recovering from the coronavirus infection.

One report looking at an epidemic that occurred aboard a ship revealed that a few inmates who had earlier tested positive for COVID-19 didn’t get reinfected.

Another research assessing 34 people with a coronavirus diagnosis discovered that protective antibodies are not likely to last very long and could diminish at just 3 months.

It’s important to note that this one case study cannot be applied to the entire population of a certain region. It’s not clear whether reinfection may be a common incidence or an occasional event.

The amount of white blood cells and antibodies differ significantly in people who’ve had the ailment, so one could assume the length of immunity would differ from individual to individual.

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