Coronavirus prevention: Imran Khan vs Murad Ali Shah

Coronavirus prevention: Imran Khan vs Murad Ali Shah


The scourge of the coronavirus has spread like wildfire all around the globe. Countries after countries are being affected by this pandemic and the death toll is mounting with each passing day. China, where the virus initiated, has somewhat contained the pandemic while Europe is still grappling with the menace. As of today, Italy is the worst affected where the mortality rate is the highest in the world. The reason? The country took the catastrophe for granted and, despite knowing the virus’s severity, did not take adequate preventive measures to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Pakistan is no different. A majority of the people are not aware how serious the pandemic is and how crucial it is to take preventive measures to avoid it. The Imran Khan-led government’s response has so far been nothing short of lethargic and reactive, with no concrete steps taken to stop of the influx of the pilgrims into the country, particularly Sindh which is badly affected by the killer virus.

All is not bad, however. While the federal government’s response to the coronavirus has drawn flak for its inactivity and inability to gauge the gravity of the situation, the Murad Ali Shah-led Sindh government has acted highly responsibly and effectively, taking all conceivable steps to limit the spread of the virus. Spokesperson for the Sindh government Barrister Murtaza Wahab accused the federal government of not controlling the pandemic seriously. “The federal government is not demonstrating seriousness in fighting the spread of the disease despite the fact it was the responsibility of the federal government to check those entering the country,” Murtaza lamented. He said that those who are affected by the coronavirus in Sindh were all those who had travelled to the province from abroad.

No doubt, the Sindh government all possible measures to stop the spread of the virus, including closure of educational institutions, restaurants, public places including parks, cinemas, marriage halls, and even places of worship. The PSL has also been postponed indefinitely.

One hopes the federal government would follow in the footsteps of the Sindh government and Imran Khan is seen leading from the front, just like the chief minister Murad Ali Shah. Only a fervent speech would not do.


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