International Men’s Day 2020

International Men’s Day 2020


Each year International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19 but not many people know about it. We live in a society where feminists take up all the seats and men are just known for fulfilling their responsibilities and if in any case, they aren’t able to do so, they are considered the worst beings.

Men is the creature of God who has an ability to bear all the wars inside him without shedding tears. This day is observed to appreciate the contribution of men and boys to the society, community, culture, marriage, family and child care. Manhood is honored on this day and the power of men’s goodness is acknowledged.

By encouraging men to open up and interact with others, International Men’s Day aims to increase awareness of mental health challenges in men, as well as other health and social problems. Traditional conceptions about what masculinity entails in culture are evolving. They need to change, if vulnerable men are to be shielded from these destructive circumstances.

International Men’s Day encourages men to teach the values, character and responsibilities of being a man to boys in their lives. “We must become the change we seek,” Mahatma Gandhi said. And it’s only when we all, both men and women, set an example that we can create a fair and prosperous society that gives everyone the opportunity to excel.

It’s time to thank men for all the love and support! Happy Men’s Day!

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