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Iqra and Yasir, The First-Time Parents


Iqra-Yasir is one of the beloved celebrity couples in Pakistan. The lovebirds manage to stay in the limelight at times for Yasir’s witty comments or Iqra’s exceptional performance and many times for expressing their love for each other on social media.

The couple who got married and caught all the attention with their famous public proposal in Lux Style Awards has welcomed a little bundle of joy. Iqra has recently given birth to a baby boy. Their fans on social media have been buzzing around with the latest pictures and posts of the new parents and the baby.

The couple has named their firstborn Kabir Hussain as confirmed by Yasir’s Instagram where he shared the news with the world.

The duo received tons of love and prayers from their colleagues as they congratulated the new parents on their Instagram story. One of the closest friends of the couple and a renowned actress, Sonya Hussyn couldn’t resist and immediately visited them to hold the baby.

The couple that got married in 2019, recently shared their Godh Bharai pictures where we could see Iqra’s mommy glow with her radiant smile that showed how elated she was.

We are very happy and congratulate the first-time parents on the arrival of a blessing in the family.

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