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Meesha Shafi calls Saba Qamar a ‘hypocrite’ for partying with harassers


In the light of Noor Mukadam’s merciless murder by Zahir Jaffar, everyone was shocked to the core. People protested on social media, celebrities too called out Zahir and asked for justice. Many spoke about how we need to be careful of predators and enablers in our circle.

Among such celebrities was Saba Qamar who took her Instagram and addressed all the men to break the bro code and call out harassers even if they are their friends as every woman is just one man away from becoming a hashtag. The Baaghi star called out everyone who protects abusers and harassers and doesn’t shame them or inform people about them.

Meesha Shafi took notice of the event and slammed Saba Qamar for being a hypocrite. “This is what epic hypocrisy looks like, ladies and gentlemen.”, Shafi said resharing the Cheekh star’s post.

She lashed out at Saba Qamar for partying, supporting, and sharing space with sexual harassers and then talking about calling out the abusers on Instagram and making holier-than-thou statements.

It is evident that Shafi is hinting at Saba’s bonding with Ali Zafar who she has accused of for sexual harassment.

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