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Ducky Bhai vs Irfan Junejo: YouTubers Feud Heats Up Over Featuring Wives in Videos


Pakistan has seen an exponential rise in the number of content creators on YouTube. Pakistani YouTubers are not only gaining popularity within the country but are also making a name for themselves on the global platform. From creating vlogs and travel diaries to sharing their opinions on social issues, YouTubers are using their creativity and talent to engage with their audience. However, with the rise in popularity, there have also been instances where clashes have occurred between different YouTubers. One such recent clash has taken place between two popular Pakistani YouTubers, Ducky Bhai and Irfan Junejo, over featuring wives in video content.

The story started when in a recent podcast interview Irfan openly discussed that he prefers to keep his wife and personal matters away from the public eye and he doesn’t feel comfortable displaying everything on vlogs. Without taking names, he mentioned that such content gains more popularity, money, and views but unlike others, he cannot lead his private life to revolve around vlogging content and viewership.

He mentioned that his platform was big and impactful, but despite this, his videos would not achieve more than 200,000 views, unlike the “Saying Yes to Wife for 24 Hours” videos. He clarified that he was not criticizing or complimenting any particular creator and that he was only discussing the audience’s preferences.

ducky bhai vs irfan junejo

Although Irfan meant no harm to anyone but everything blew out of proportion when netizens started targeting Ducky and Maaz Safdar who create the same kind of content Irfan spoke about. This did not go down well with Ducky and he took offence to Irfan’s statements. Ducky couldn’t hold back and tweeted, “People love to ignore the fact that I had the same amount of views (avg 2 million) way before marriage :(“

Replying to one of the tweets on the matter, Ducky implied that he was never cashing on his marriage to gain views. He wrote, “No one, except me, made a honeymoon vlog in 2023 in Pakistan And no one except Maaz made a ‘saying yes to wife’ video.’ It’s easier to point someone out without saying a name.”

He further said, “I still love Irfan though. No offense at all. I just wanted to clarify my point. Ducky Bhai was Ducky Bhai before and after marriage. I was also making the same amount of money before and after marriage, and was also getting millions of views sitting on a chair playing a video game when vlogging wasn’t even on my channel.”

ducky bhai tweet for irfan junejo

However, the two of them soon waved white flags and lambasted the netizens who made controversy out of a small snippet from an interview. Irfan came upfront and took to his Instagram stories. He wrote, “I messaged Ducky last night and cleared things out with him. As for Maaz, he is like my younger brother. He greets me with respect and I reciprocate the same. So, for the love of God, do not create such controversies and fights. You all will laugh and move on but people will get hurt and the negativity will fester.”

Ducky also came up with similar sentiments and told everyone that he and Irfan have cleared the air and agreed that no names were taken during this fiasco. He wrote, “I’m home making my content and money. Junejo’s home, making his content and money. People who love to create fights are also making money — they’re getting these clicks on their blogs and magazines. But what are you all doing? If you want to fight, at least make sure you’re also getting something out of it.”


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