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Sajal and Ahad Mehndi and Nikkah Pictures (HD photos)


Sajal and Ahad have been the talk of town ever since they got married. And we all have been very curious about their wedding look since we did not get to see many pictures specially HD pictures. We previously shared Sajal and Ahad wedding pictures and post wedding dinner pictures.  Now, Since the couple finally released their wedding look and pictures, we have gathered them for you.

Sajal and Ahad Wedding Pictures

Sajal Aly got engaged with the very handsome Ahad Raza Mir, in June last year. And ever since the last quarter of 2019, we heard the rumors of their wedding until Zara Noor Abbas confirmed the rumors and informed through a lovely Instagram post, saying that her best friend Sajal is finally getting married.

Sajal and Ahad like to have a personal life, so they had very private wedding events. The reception was attended by all close friends and family members. Sajal looks stunning in a pure red bridal dress with traditional jewelry, hairstyle and makeup. She copied her mother’s look on her Nikkah. Ahad has stolen millions of girls ‘ hearts by wearing white pearl sherwani.

Sajal and Ahad had a destination wedding. They traditionally celebrated their mehndi in Emirate’s Palace, Abu Dhabi. The pictures of their wedding reception made it to the social media after their wedding, and they were personally captured by those who attended. The handful of pictures that went viral on the internet were only revealed by their close friends and family.

We shared her beautiful mayoun pictures which took place at home and she barely wore any makeup. But for Sajal Ali’s Nikkah and Mehndi, she got her make up done by her favorite make up artist, namely, Mubashhir Bhatti. He gave her a very natural look.

Sajal and Ahad Mehndi:

First, have a glimpse at the entry of beautiful bride Sajal Aly on her Mehndi:

Here are Sajal and Ahad mehndi pictures:




Some more Sajal and Ahad wedding pictures:

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