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The Introvert Pakistani Actors


As they say, there is no business like show business. It’s a world of glitz and glam, and those who have experienced it know its intoxication: once you are into it, getting out of it is almost impossible thanks largely to the immense exposure, popularity, and fortune attached to this field. Despite all the pomp and show, there are still a few professionals who do not indulge into unnecessary exposure and socializing, preferring instead to remain aloof, away from the limelight.

Here is a list of those introvert actors.

Ayeza Khan

An actress par excellence, Ayeza Khan is not a party girl; she is a devoted mother and a loving wife. Instead of giving frivolous interviews, she prefers to spend time with her family and friends. No wonder, she is one of the few select actresses who are not seen very often at some of the brainless morning shows. She says work and her family are the top priorities in her life.

Imran Abbas

His on-screen persona is completely different from what he is in real life. A boy who grew up in the family of poets and writers, Imran Abbas is one of Pakistan entertainment industry’s few artists who don’t like to be seen on the idiot box all the time. He says he avoids socializing altogether because he has learned that time is invaluable and must not be squandered. Instead, he prefers to spend his time in activities he deems constructive.

Zahid Ahmed

Of late, a clear change in his personality is visible: Zahid Ahmed is tilting towards spirituality despite his work in the entertainment world. He expressed this change quite a few times in many of her interviews, while revealing that he has always been an introvert and is by no means a party animal. While this change may be soothing for him, it’s a tad difficult to accept for his fans as well as for his own wife.

Sarah Khan

Who would have thought in their wildest dreams that an apparently bubbly, good-natured actress like Sarah Khan does not like to socialize? An actress who has proved her thespian skills through her incredible performances in many dramas, including the ongoing Sabaat, she has, to one’s immense surprise, not attended even a single showbiz party, although she does like going to award functions.  Sarah, in many of her interviews, has made it very clear that she is a girl who is guided by certain rules, and at no cost can she compromise on them.

Noman Ijaz

For an actor who’s been with the industry for a whopping 20 years, claiming he’s not a party-goer or a recluse sounds a bit weird. But Noman Ijaz is indeed one such actor. The noted actor is loath to award shows; he just can’t afford to see a younger artist present an award to a senior and experienced actor. Besides, he likes being in the company of a select group of friends and avoids mingling with every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the showbiz fraternity. No wonder, many in the industry find him a bit rude and arrogant.

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