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Top 5 Pakistani Songs to Listen to in 2020


We are already heading towards the end of 2020, but it seems some of 2019’s top hits in Pakistani music are still taking the lead.

Whether you are on a long drive, at the gym, or studying for a math exam online, these songs would make you feel awesome. As Pakistanis, we all feel proud of these musicals and our superstars.

Here, we have listed five famous Pakistani songs of 2019 that people still love.

Haye Dill Bechara

It may come as a surprise to some, but this song hit more than 6 million views on YouTube last year. Jimmy Khan simply blew everyone off with his vocals while Nigah Jee’s choreography made it a masterpiece.


The movie Superstar was one of the best movies of 2019 and is still one that people love watching again. Mahira Khan added more to this song with her elegant and chic dance moves. Nigah Jee was still the one who choreographed it and it made it to the top of the list.


This song is probably the best example of perfect Pakistani music for a wedding. Most people still play it at weddings, and it helps cheer everyone up even though life is too dull and gloomy in 2020. This song got 2 million views on YouTube last year and the number is growing.

Ik Pal

If you are looking for an ideal mehndi song, then this is the one you must add to the list. It is a song performed by none other than our very own Meera Jee. This song had 1.5 million views on YouTube just last year.

Chan Mahi

For those who are romantic and want to hear something mellifluous, then this is a song you must hear. The vocals by Abdullah Qureshi and the acting by Hareem Farooqi and Ali Rehman Khan is are just phenomenal!

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