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Top 6 Lavish Dine-In Restaurants in Karachi


Karachi is definitely one of the best places if you want to dine lavishly. The food industry here offers a huge variety of places and cuisine for food lovers. You will find international eateries to fine local dining restaurants where you can satiate your hunger within a suitable budget. For those looking for lavish dine restaurants in Karachi, let us get right to our list of top 6 restaurants.


This restaurant has limited seating for 45 people and offers the best Mediterranean cuisine. You will find the best Middle Eastern, vegetarian, and Mediterranean dishes here. The Fillet Steak with Morel Sause will tantalize your taste buds and we recommend trying it. The general ambiance is cozy and casual.

Café Flo

This restaurant offers a French villa feeling, with exquisite and luxurious cuisine and cutlery to serve you. You will love the Fresh Gigas oysters, Crab Bisque, and Aged Angus Tomahawk. For dessert, we recommend the Cafe Flo Apple Tart.


Situated in DHA Karachi, this restaurant has seating for 41 people. You will love the Red Snapper with Lemon Parmesan Cheese. Also, try the Shrimp Ravioli and Ribeye Steak.

Café Aylanto

This restaurant is where you find a flavored variety in Mediterranean cuisine. We recommend their gourmet sandwiches made with oysters, gelatos, and Italian coffee. Also try the Fiery Chili Sole, Pan Seared Norwegian Pink Salmon, and Aylanto Grilled Burger. The general ambiance here is very elegant and luxurious.


If you are looking for seafood, then we recommend Sukara. Try their Grilled Lobster, Black Code Tempura and Salmon Foiru Yaki. Every bite is worth the money you spend here.


Located at the Avari Tower, this is a luxurious Chinese Restaurant. You get an old school experience with exciting and delicious Chinese cuisine. We recommend trying the Wasabi Prawn and Dynasty Fried Prawn.

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