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Top Celebrity Couples in Pakistan


Every showbiz industry has some amazing couples, who are admired for their sterling thespian skills and remarkable off-screen persona. Our industry is also full of such couples who continue to inspire and entertain their fans. Here are some of them.

1. Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimoor

Whenever there’s talk about the cutest Pakistani showbiz couples, Ayeza Khan and Danish Tamoor always take the lead.  They married in 2014 and are still the most-talked-about couple with their cute babies.

2. Aiman Khan & Muneeb Butt

Aiman Khan is a popular name because of her long acting career. Over the years, however, she has only grown into a more talented actor with a beautiful soul. She is married to Muneeb Butt, a handsome man and a gifted actor, making them one of the most adorable couples in the industry.

3. Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir

This is another adorable celebrity couple whose union has brought more success and fame to them. They are a power couple in every conceivable way and get so much love and admiration from their fans.

4. Hira Mani & Salman Sheikh

Talk about cuteness overload, and you have the most-talked-about Pakistani celebrity couple around. Yes, Hira Mani and Salman Sheikh make one of the industry’s most popular couple due to their remarkable acting talent and stellar on-screen chemistry.

Let us know what you love about these couples in the comments below.

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