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What Women Want in Pakistani Men


If you’ve watched Hollywood film What Women Want, you may have a rough idea about what women actually look for in men. But what about Pakistani women and their choice of men? Why is it that Pakistani men find it difficult to enjoy a blissful married life, despite having been in a relationship for a number of years? The answer is simple: men in Pakistan do it all wrong! Here is the answer.

Pakistani Women Are Loath to Disloyalty and Lies

The number one mistake men make is eyeballing other women, and even texting or worse sexting other women. A traditional Pakistani woman has a zero tolerance for such activities. It is a simple rule: you get what you give. If you cheat on her, she surely will find herself a better man with more moral values than you do! Also, if you are a liar, then just kiss your dream to have a happy and lasting love life a goodbye.

Pakistani Women Don’t Want a Mama’s Boy

Are you always doing things according to your mommy’s instructions? Do you report your daily activities and even hand over your hard-earned income to your dear mom instead of saving it for yourself and your beloved wife? If yes, then you need to grow up! Women nowadays want their men to be “MEN” enough to live by their principles and be fair to the woman they claim they love. It is an age-old battle – your mom will never accept the woman you love and want to marry. Man up, and deal with your mom and love in a fair manner!

Pakistani Women Respect Men Who Take Care of Their Needs

Pakistani women are not all gold-diggers – so you need to identify the thin line between one and a woman of class. When a Pakistani man has a woman, he loves or even marries, he would know it comes with spending on gifts – and make it expensive gifts. Not because she is all about the money, but your gifts tell her how much she is worth to you. The more you take care of her needs with an open heart, the more respect you will earn.

Pakistani Women Despise Violent and Abusive Men

The one—and most important—thing that is never acceptable to a woman is a violent and abusive man! Hitting a woman or subjecting her to torture is too unmanly a behavior and is looked down upon in every culture or religion. If you have this tendency, then you do not deserve a loyal Pakistani woman to love you.

Hope this helps you become an acceptable and deserving man for the right Pakistani woman!

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