India To Resolve Differences Over IWT


In its detailed response to the World Bank’s announcement pausing two separate processes to resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kishenganga and Ratle projects, New Delhi today expressed its readiness to bilaterally resolve its differences with Islamabad over the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty.

‘’India has always believed that the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty, which includes the redressal of the technical questions and differences, should be done bilaterally between India and Pakistan,’’ foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said at a media briefing here.

He noted that there were examples available where such matters had been successfully resolved bilaterally within the Permanent Indus Commission (such as the height of the freeboard for Kishan Ganga) or between the two governments as seen in the Salal Hydro Electric Project in 1978.

Given the will to address these matters through the appropriate mechanisms provided for in the Indus Waters Treaty, there was no reason why the technical design parameters on which Pakistan had raised objections could not be sorted out by professional, technical experts from both sides, the Indian spokesperson said.

He said India had advised the World Bank not to rush for initiating two parallel processes simultaneously and hold more consultations.

“It is a matter of satisfaction that this point has now been recognised by the World Bank. We believe that these consultations should be given adequate time,” he added.

Source/Credit: ANN

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