Pakistan’s Best Wins Against India

Pakistan’s Best Wins Against India


Pakistan and India have a long history of being strong rivals against each other. They have played a total of 199 times against each other. Pakistan has come on top a total of 86 times while India has come on top a total of 70 times. They have had a lot of nerve-racking matches in their time against each other so let’s talk about some of the biggest wins Pakistan has had over India in the most exciting matches.

1. Sharjah April 1986, Austral-Asia Final

Pakistan won this exciting and thrilling match by one wicket. This is an oldie but a “goldie.” Javed Miandad pulled out a win for us by hitting a big six which led us to victory. It was quite a stressful match for both sides but Pakistan came on top.

Here’s a clip from the last over played by Miandad.

2. Dhaka, March 2014, Asia Cup

Pakistan won this match by one wicket again. This was a stressful game as India put a huge target for Pakistan of 245 runs. Mohammed Hafeez the professor got the win for us well calculated as he always is. However, in the last over we needed ten runs and who else can we trust beside the man himself Shahid Afridi. He showed his dominance by scoring two sixes in his style.

Enjoy Asia Cup 2014 India vs Pakistan Highlights:

 3.The Oval, 2017, Champions Trophy, final

This was quite a one-sided match but it is such a huge memory in Pakistani fans as it was obviously the Champions trophy final but we were also the underdogs and everyone thought India would win but our team came on top.




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