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20 signs that predict what babies will look like when they grow up

“I got it from my mama…” Most of us probably hear that classic Will.I.Am. song from the mid-2000s in our...

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Baby rescued alive after 35 hours from beneath the rubbles

MOSCOW: A baby boy has been found alive after 35 hours spent in freezing cold in the rubble of a...

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Mystery of 4-Year Old Child

A four-year old kid awaits his dead mother at Edhi Center. A very sad heart crushing story.

1 year old was left tied to a rock for 9 hours in a 104 ºF heat

1-Year-Old Was Tied To A Rock For 9 Hours

A Mother ties her 1-year-old daughter to a rock as babysitter


Baby Survives After Falling From Building

CCTV of a small baby who survived even after falling from the top of the building.

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Translate your baby’s tears

A new app from Taiwan claims to help parents figure out why their babies are crying: hunger, tiredness, pain or...

Hes 16 months old holy Crap

16 Months Old Genius Baby

This baby is only 16 months old and is already a genius.