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Flood victims’ predicament

SOMEWHERE amid the noise of dirty politics, the nation appears to have lost sight of the unspeakable miseries of millions...

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Environmental disaster

A wave of death and destruction is still sweeping across vast swathes of Pakistan. Floods brought on by torrential rain...

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Preparing for Monsoon

THE havoc that the recent spell of rain in Karachi unleashed, resulting in deaths of four people, including three children,...

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Balochistan requires ICUs and beds in private hospitals

The health care secretary of the provincial government has demanded from the owners of private hospitals to arrange more high...

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Quetta blast: Who is not happy with peace in Pakistan?

It is known that the peace and tranquility of Pakistan is not being tolerated by the hostile elements, who launch...

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Baloch Culture Day: A Brief Overview of the Culture of Balochistan

We would like to inform our readers about the culture of Balochistan. This is important because it will help appreciate...

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Shia Hazaras deserve to live in peace

THERE is a feeling of déjà vu in the godforsaken Balochistan capital; an atmosphere of doom and gloom that has...

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‘Red lines’ crossed in Quetta?

In view of some political commentators, some Pakistan Democratic Movement leaders ventured into forbidden territory. While at its Gujranwala and...

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JIT constituted to probe Balochistan lynching incident

The Balochistan government has formed an 8-member joint investigation team (JIT) to investigate a lynching event that saw a young...

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Balochistan bans corporal punishment in schools

According to media reports, in a notification issued on April 13, the director of school education, Muteeb Khan, said corporal...