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Pakistan Beats China in Denim Export to USA

A Feather in Pakistan’s Cap! Pakistan has outpaced China in denim export to the USA. An Indian-based textile trade publication...

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China battles with Delta outbreak

China is fighting one of the biggest outbreaks as the COVID-19 variant Delta has spread in the Dalian city. The...

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Pak, China to Sign Deal for Establishment of Sister-Province Relationship

To develop cooperation in diverse fields and develop technical and vocational training, Pakistan and China have signed an agreement in...

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Microsoft to shut down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft has decided to shut down LinkedIn in China since the rules in Beijing have tightened. The tech giant stated...

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Bilateral Ties: Biden and Xi to Hold a US-China Virtual Summit

In pursuit of strong ties, China and the United States plan to hold a virtual summit before the end of...

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China’s defence budget set to rise by 6.8pc in 2021

According to the Chinese finance ministry, China’s military budget, which is the second-largest in the world after the US, is...

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BBC World News barred from airing in China

The National Radio and Television Administration has said that British television channel BBC World News has been prohibited from airing...

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Corona vaccines arrive in Pakistan on a special Pakistan Air Force plane

The good news for the whole country: in fight against the global pandemic, corona vaccine lands in Pakistan. An Air...

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Special Pakistan Air Force plane leaves for China for Corona vaccine

A special Pakistan Air Force plane has left for China to bring the corona vaccine. Pakistan Air Force’s IL-78 special...

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China, Russia decline to recognize Biden’s victory

China and Russia have declined to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory as president of the United States, saying the result of...