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Facebook plans on rebranding itself with a new name

The Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has plans to talk about changing the name at the company’s annual...

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Facebook Expands Support for Security Keys on Mobile Devices

Karachi, March 19, 2021: Facebook has announced that they are expanding support for hardware security keys to iOS and Android...

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Facebook releases official update about COVID-19 Vaccine information

Facebook has released an official update about the largest worldwide campaign they have been running to promote authoritative information about...

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Facebook not invited to White House social media summit: company

 Facebook Inc said on Monday that it had not been invited to a White House summit on social media being...

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Facebook, WhatsApp back online after global outage

Facebook said it was “back at 100 per cent” Wednesday evening after an outage on all of its services affected...

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FIA takes down 8,723 fake social media accounts

As per media reports, 8,723 fake accounts on social media platforms have been removed by FIA. The intelligence agency officials...

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Facebook ready to roll out its ‘clear history’ feature this year

Facebook’s feature allowing users to erase all their data is set to be released this year, many months after it...

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Facebook re-designed! What’s new?

Facebook finally released the new Messenger design. There’s a lot of white space, fewer icons and buttons. It’s kind of confusing...

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Facebook likely to shut down fake groups and pages

Facebook will proactively shut down ‘fake’ groups and pages, even if they were not found to be in violation of...

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Study reveals the biggest origin of fake news remains ‘age’ and not political affiliation

WASHINGTON: A new study analyzing users’ Facebook posts during the 2016 election season identified the age group sharing many of those...